Rosanne Cole


I joined National Grape Co-operative/Welch's more than 25 years ago. Having grown up on a small grape farm in the heart of the Concord Grape Belt, I knew right away I had found the perfect organization. The relationship between National Grape Co-operative and Welch's is very unique. Knowing that our family-farmer owners produce the highest quality grapes, Welch's is committed to delivering returns to them by producing the best tasting products that fulfill consumers' needs.

Welch's is also committed to employees, with benefits and programs that offer employees a rewarding work environment and opportunities to develop both professionally and personally. In my role with National Grape, I have the opportunity to work with many talented colleagues within Finance, Information Technology, and Office Services, as well as officers and directors, in addition to serving our family farmer owners. I am proud of what I do and honored to be an integral part of Welch's legacy.

Mukesh Sharma


At Welch's, it is a sense of being part of the culture keeping us engaged towards our common goal of delivering the best possible return for our family farmer owners. Farmers put lot of sweat equity into growing our awesome grapes, and personally it gives me a lot of satisfaction knowing that my work helps the company achieve excellence in protecting our family farmer owner's best interest.

Welch's has provided me with frequent learning and growth opportunities during my 8+ year career. I enjoy challenging work, and I am lucky to be at a place where I am empowered and supported for trying new things.

Enjoying your work is the key to staying engaged and Welch's is a perfect example of creating a family-like environment in today's busy corporate world. I am fortunate to be a part of this wonderful organization and hope to continue to be for long time!!

Erica Robbins


Initially, I was attracted to Welch's because of its status as a Family Farmer Owned company. As a Product Developer, I knew Family Farmer Owned meant that I would receive the highest quality ingredients grown with the passion and care of North American farmers. Coming into work each day, I pass a floor to ceiling picture of one of our family farms. This is a powerful reminder of the impact of my daily work – our family farmers can go on another year doing what they love and keeping agriculture alive in North America.

After years with the company, the attributes that originally attracted me to Welch's still ring true, but there are many more aspects to the company keeping me here. First, we believe in being leaders in product quality. It makes me proud to know our adherence to strict quality guidelines ensures the products I create arrive at consumer's homes in the best possible condition. Second, we keep our consumers front of mind. As we come up with new ideas and create new products, we seek consumer feedback and continue to listen to their comments as the product moves through its lifecycle. Last, we are a family. We all know each other by name, even the CEO, and we cross paths regularly, which creates a collaborative and supportive family-like environment.

Traci Major


Although I have been at Welch's for 15 years, I still remember the day of my interview. I was so excited to have an opportunity with a company whose brand I grew up with. I knew Welch's products were high quality and family oriented, and after being employed by them for so many years, I now know the organization is high quality and family oriented. My colleagues have become like family.

The fact Welch's is a co-operative, owned by family farmers, sets the stage for what it is like working here, as I strongly believe Welch's cares for their employees like family. Welch's makes a conscious effort to maintain work life balance, and offer challenging positions with the opportunity to grow in your career. My role in IT offers me the chance to help all areas of the organization, and the training I am provided keeps my skills at the forefront of the industry.