Grape American Summer - Delicious BBQ Ideas

An easy and delicious way to incorporate Welch’s 100% Grape Juice and fresh grapes into your summer festivities!

Summer Sides & Salads

Welch’s Grape and Cheddar Salad: Simple salads like this grape and cheddar salad with grape yogurt dressing is the perfect addition to your summer barbeque. Made with Welch’s 100% Grape Juice and Welch’s Fresh Grapes, this light and delicious side is sure to please your guests

Chunky Grape Salsa: What would a cookout be without a dip? While many dips are loaded with fat, this salsa is loaded with fresh flavors and nutrition from fruits, veggies and herbs! The combination of grapes and grape juice with oranges, peppers and cilantro is a match made in heaven! 


Summer Grilling

Chicken and Grape Kebabs with Thyme: Kebabs are a grilling favorite, and these are made with lean chicken, fresh Welch’s grapes, Welch’s 100% grape juice, and herbs to create a combination of healthy, sweet-and-savory flavors that the whole family will enjoy!