Make Your Own Ice Pops with Welch's Chillers 


Welch's Chillers come in 4 refreshing flavors perfect for summer - Fruit Punch, Mango Passion Fruit, Strawberry Kiwi and Watermelon. Here are some fun ways to freeze them for a delicious treat! 

1) Watermelon Ice Pops

Start by freezing Welch's Chillers Fruit Punch in a small paper or plastic cup. Once semi-frozen, add chocolate chips and an ice pop stick. Freeze until solid. Then add a layer of Welch's Chillers Watermelon. Freeze until solid and enjoy!

2) Layer it!


Mix and match your favorite Welch's Chillers flavors. Freeze one layer at a time for a rainbow effect.


3) Fun Shapes and Sizes


Ice pop molds, like these sailboats, make summer even more fun! Get creative with a combination of your favorite Chillers flavors.


4) Party Pops

Serve your Chillers pops in a bucket of ice at your next summer party!