New Year's Pinwheel Clocks


With Welch's Sparkling, the whole family can toast to the New Year! Make these adorable pinwheel clocks to set out at your New Year's Eve party for family and friends.

You will need:


1. Cut construction paper into two narrow strips, both identical widths and 11-inches long.Fold the narrow side repeatedly and evenly along the entire length of the strip, so it resembles an accordion.Repeat for second strip.Fit paper strips together at on end, and adhere them together with the glue gun.Pull the loose ends together and adhere them to form a circle.


2. Push down on one side of the circle, so the pinwheel lies flat, and fasten the center with the glue gun.You will have to hold the center down for a minute or two until the glue dries and the pinwheel holds flat.

3. Add numbers to pinwheel.Cut clock hands out of a different color paper. Push fastener through one end of the clock hands and push through the glue center of the pinwheel.


4. Glue string on the back of pinwheel as necktie for bottle.  Pull pinwheel over the neck of the bottle to hang your bottle decoration.