Popsicle Blends

  • 1 Total Servings
  • 5 min Prep Time
  • 4-6 hrs Chill Time
  • 4-6 hrs Total Time

Summer ☀️ has got our creative juices flowing. Try our Welch’s Rainbow Pops!


  • Welch's 100% Concord Grape Juice
  • Welch's Berry Pineapple Passion Fruit Juice
  • Welch's Mango Twist


Serving Size: 1 popsicle



    1. Pour some Welch’s Grape Juice into ⅓ of your popsicle mold. Add wooden sticks and freeze for 2 hours.
    2. Next, pour Welch's Berry Pineapple Passion Fruit Juice over the frozen pops. Fill up the mold ⅔ of the way and freeze again.
    3. Last up: Mango Twist! Repeat the same steps until the mold is filled and freeze.
    4. Pop them out of the mold and you’re all set to savor.