Concord, MA

Concord is the home of the Concord grape and to our world headquarters of approximately 200 professionals who work in sales, marketing, supply chain, finance, information technology, legal, research & development, and human resources. We are located only minutes away from historic downtown Concord, and easily accessible to downtown Boston.

Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is the home of our sales team that supports Kroger, a strategic grocery customer with almost 2,800 stores, in selling our portfolio of products and providing partnerships to drive growth.

Rogers, AR

Arkansas is the home of our sales team that supports Walmart, America's largest retailer, and Sam's Club. As a supplier to Walmart and Sam's Club, we have built a team of professionals that provides sales, category management, logistics, and business development expertise to these key customers.

Lawton, MI

This is the location of our second largest plant with approximately 75 employees who process grapes during harvest season and specialize in producing approximately 2.5 million cases of our Sparkling Juice Cocktails annually.

North East, PA

Located only minutes from downtown Erie and Presque Isle State Park, our largest manufacturing plant in North East, PA has over 350 employees who produce 280 different juices, jams, and jellies that are so distinctively Welch's. This plant manages over 17 million gallons of juice in 76 refrigerated tanks throughout the year to process an average of 125,000 tons of grapes delivered from our family farmer-owners during each harvest season.

Westfield, NY

Westfield is where Dr. Welch built the first plant back in 1897. This plant, located only 17 miles away from the North East plant, is in Chautauqua County – the largest grape growing county outside of California. Primarily a juice storage and processing facility, the 25 employees (and another 50 more during harvest), also service Welch's bulk concentrate customers.

Grandview, WA

This industrial bulk facility in South-Central Washington is in the heart of Washington’s wine, apple, and hops country and they are known for producing the majority of the grapes during our annual harvest season. They also process apples between the months of November and July, averaging approximately 12,000 tons annually since 2007. This team of approximately 50 employees can balloon to as many as 150 during the annual harvest to ensure we can process all those grapes in a timely manner.

Our International Locations

Welch’s sells to over 40 countries around the world. Our biggest regions are Latin America, Japan, Korea, the UK, Canada, and Southeast Asia. Our international consumer enjoys Welch’s juice, jams, and jellies in a variety of ways that are customized to their local palates. We work with manufacturing partners around the world to ensure our high-quality standards are met in all markets.